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Post by Envy661 on Sat Mar 12, 2011 3:34 am

Aside from the world-wide forum rules that I am sure you all are already aware of, there are some additional rules you need to follow in order to make sure the forum for this corp is well kept, organized, and unbiased, as well as unoffensive.

1. No topics or posts of Real Life religion or politics.
On every forum I have been to, topics with this kind of thing in them end very very badly. I do not want to take the risk here. This does not cover religions and politics of any Furry series' universe, including your own.

2. No topics or posts that relate to illegal activities
That is Illegal by AMERICAN standards. Just so you know. While I will not stop you from wishing someone a happy 4/20, I will stop you from talking about marijuana, and all other illegal drugs, as well as illegal activities you have been engaged in, and the sale of Xbox LIVE, Steam, MMO, and PSN accounts.

3. No singling other members out
Positive or not, you should never call out another member in the forum. You may compliment them, and provide constructive criticism, but do NOT make threads just to call someone out, and do not call someone out in someone else's thread. It is just plain rude.

4. Please keep the language at a PG-13 level or lower
No big swearing. Damn and hell is allowed, but bitch, -poop!-, and -blam!- are not. Bastard is iffy. This also covers publicly offensive terms regarding people of different race and sexual orientation. That's a no-no.

5. No suggestive images or videos
Okay, this means keep it at a PG to PG-13 level. But as a guy, I am extremely lenient on this, at least until we get a lot of younger members.

6. No posting links to malicious websites or software
Use your best judgment, but also be warned that if your link has been flagged as containing malicious software, it will be removed. On that note, e621 is flagged as containing viruses, so don't link us to it.

7. Do not enter the forum impersonating another member
It is an insta-ban if you are caught.

8. Forum Signature images are limited to a single static image no larger than 600w x 150h
Links and such are allowed beneath the sig, but you are not allowed more than one line of links. (Please refresh yourself in BBcode to learn how to provide multiple links on one line). If you are caught with a sig that exceeds the size limits, it will be removed.

9. Be kind and curtious to the other members
No flaming. Do not be rude, and try not to offend anyone. I do not want to drop the banhammer, but I will if I must.

Chatbox Rule - Do not spam the Chatbox. We will take away your cookie, as well as your Chatbox privilages.

Yellow: Most lenient
Orange: Lenient
Red: Strict

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