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Post by Envy661 on Sat Mar 12, 2011 6:10 am

So you may have noticed the site changes from time to time in many different ways.

These periodic changes are because the site is still in Beta Testing Mode. This means the site isn't officially "Out there" yet. Sure, anyone can come here, create an account, and do whatever, but the site is still subject to many bugs and changes for their stay here.

Rest assured however, the Beta is only in place to make sure in the end you can have the best experience on the forum as you possibly can. We Shining Paws of Authority here on FurForum solemnly vow to brave any bug, fix any glitch, and eat any lie cake to ensure your stay here is enjoyable and (hopefully) permanent. That is our 100% cookie-back guarantee, covered even to hose who have not donated said cookie.

So grab a seat, open a beverage, and get ready to need Bi-Focals, because it is going to be a trip.


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