I decided to dig up one of my old projects...

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I decided to dig up one of my old projects... Empty I decided to dig up one of my old projects...

Post by Envy661 on Wed Mar 16, 2011 5:53 am

This is really old, and I forget what kind of story I was going for. If I recall correctly, it was to be a story involving a big war.
This is just an example of one of the dozens of stories I have started but never finished.

The story was to be called 'Second Reality'

This is the prologue:

War. It exists in each individual being on this earth. Whether it be a war for our beliefs, a war for peace, or even, a war within ourselves, it always exists. It’s chaos stretches the far reaches of space, and affects all life, whether we choose to acknowledge its existence or not. It breeds fear, panic, malice, hatred, and destruction. No one can stop is and all are susceptible to its nature. That is what war is.
Peace is something many dream of, but can never be achieved. It is something people wish for, hope for, and even dream for, but nothing can be done to attain it. It is a perilous journey that continues for a lifetime only to end in heartache and defeat. Peace can never exist without the chaos of war, and if war exists, true peace can never be formed.
We take you to a sunny day with a bright field where kids enjoy the lives they have and frolic about. This is the day it all begins.
He looked to the left - No one on the swings. To the right – No one in the sandbox.
“Okay, let’s go before someone sees us.” The boy whispers to the other children.
They dash across the playground as fast as they can before diving into the jungle gym halfway across.
“Jacob, you check the right side. Brian, check the back.” The boy gives the orders as the children follow them.
Once all directions are marked clear, the boy brushes away some wood chips from atop a wooden trap door in the ground. Planes begin to sound overhead.
“Okay, let’s move out!” The boy says excitedly.
The children all dive into the small room under the trap door. It is a cramped space, and damp from the rain earlier that day. The boy Brian slides away a small rock and takes some potato chips from a dug out pocket, while the leader child gets an electric lantern turned on.
“Okay. You all know the plan. Until our dads come home, none of us leave this spot! They can’t just take them and treat them like objects! They can’t take away our dads to go far away from us to fight! It isn’t fair, and we aren’t going to leave until they see that!” The boy says with a tear in his eye.
Suddenly, a loud rumbling begins. The ground starts shaking violently as a loud noise overtakes the children. A few of them start whimpering with fear as the shaking grows more intense.
Slowly, the shaking diminishes, and the loud sound is replaced by a quieter emergency siren. The leader child slowly gets up to open the trap door.
“It won’t open. Jake, help me with this will you?” The boy says.
The two of them barely manage to raise the door an inch, and slowly, a few more children help them out. Eventually, the door is opened, and the children climb out of the hole.
What lays before the children is a sight that will haunt them for the rest of their lives. The playground equipment is utterly destroyed, and the jungle gym they were hiding under is in shambles at their feet. The metropolis that once existed in the background is now a devastated wasteland lined with corpses, glass and rubble.
One of the children runs off in the distance. The boy hollers at him to stop, but he continues to run toward someone – a body on the ground – a victim of these events – the child’s mother. The children stand around the body of the dead woman and weep for her, whilst the sounds of more planes approach in the distance.
Soon, the land is struck with another vicious bomb a block away from the children. As the smoke clears, nothing remains but a small stuffed bear one of the children were carrying with them…

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