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Rules of the RP Board

Post by Envy661 on Sat Mar 19, 2011 5:05 am

I will admit I took this from TK, but I have no complaints about any of these, so I think it is a good rule system for us to use as well:

1. Standard forum rules still apply.

2. A proper RP thread will consist of at least a sign-up sheet, plot, and OOC thread once the RP is started. Anything else is optional.

3. The GM has complete control over their RP.(Outside of a moderator stepping in) This includes kicking people out of it, or letting only certain people in. If you feel whatever they are saying is unjust, or have any other problems with it, PM them first, and if that fails to work, PM me the situation, and I will take care of it.

Those are the basic rules which apply to all RPs. While they may not be ignored, they may be added to. For example, some users will create RPs with stat systems, requirements in character sheet, or other custom rules. If you wish to make an exception of custom rules, contact the GM of the RP.

This post is not final, and the rules may be changed, or more rules added later.


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