How to create a Calender Event

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How to create a Calender Event Empty How to create a Calender Event

Post by Envy661 on Sat Mar 19, 2011 6:36 am

For those News and Events Committee members, this may be a little confusing to you at first, but with my help, I will walk you through this step by step.

First thing you need to do is start a new thread like you would any other.

Within this thread, make the title exactly what the event name is, and fill the body with whatever information you want to about the subject.

Next, scroll down until you see an area listed as calender.
From here, you set the time, date, and length of the event.

So first, choose the day, month, and year the event takes place.
Secondly, you want to specify the hour the event starts. This isn't necessary, but is recommended.
Lastly, you want to set the duration of the event. You can set it to the exact minute if you so choose.

After all that work is completed you should be done! Your event will now show up on the calender.
You can find the calender by simply clicking it on the navbar. There is also a small calender located on the homepage.

If you have any additional questions, or something did not work, notify me via PM, and I will help you any way I can.

This board is viewable by any member, but only News and Events Committee members can start a topic. After that, anyone is able to post in your created thread to discuss the event.

Have fun!

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