Banners and the Site through the years

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Banners and the Site through the years

Post by Envy661 on Wed Mar 30, 2011 2:04 am

In order, here is a list of the banners FurForum used, from before it was FurForum to now.

Delta Hope - The first banner this site ever had. You can see the old web address on the banner.

Delta Force 121 - The first banner ever used by the DF121 Clan.

Delta Force 121 - A big banner upgrade. As you can see, the quality is substantially better as I learned to use the tools at my disposal, which was, at the time, GIMP 2.

Delta Force 121 - Using GIMP once again, I compiled this little banner for the sake of a visual upgrade to the site. Like the one before it, the borders and boxes were made pixel by pixel, rather than using a shape tool.

Delta Force 121 - As I was introduced more to photoshop, I compiled this more modernized site banner that really helped the site come together.

Delta Force 121 - This was one banner that didn't make the cut to be officially used. This was made when the site was, so a Delta Hope banner really wasn't appropriate.

Delta Force 121 - As I became more artistically inclined, I produced this, which featured a custom Delta and Ball o' Fire image, as well as featuring an overall Delta Triangle shape.

Delta Force 121 - DF121's Dying banner. This final version perfected the look of the previous one, but was short-lived, as Delta Force 121 finally died.

RPG Hub - As the site took new form, this was the first banner concept that was generated for it.

RPG Hub - This was the second banner concept produced.

RPG Hub - This was the final design and last banner to be used on this site with the RPG Hub name.

FurForum - Brought into this era for the site, this was the first banner to be featured here on FurForum.

FurForum - And here we are today. This is our current banner used on the most active variant of the site today. Pat yourselves on the back, because this banner was made for you by your requests.


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