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Post by Envy661 on Wed Apr 20, 2011 5:30 am

Q: Why don't you have a thread dedicated to Xbox LIVE and PSN Usernames like you do FurAffinity and DeviantArt accounts?

A: While both are viewable and able for you to set in your profile, only your Gamertag and Username for Xbox LIVE and PSN show up on every post you make on the forums. This may eventually be added to, so it will someday soo feature your FA and DA account on your posts as well, in the same format as your MSN, Yahoo, AIM and Steam accounts are.

Q: What is with those weird Smilies?

A: The smilies were added by your friendly neighborhood lurking admin, Amazing Mr. X, and they aren't weird, they are funny, and very furry-related, which was what we were going for. If you want more, use the drawing board and create a smilies thread. We might upload some of the ones you post!

Q: 2009? I thought this site was brand new!

A: FurForum is brand new. The essence of the site, however, dates back to 2009, when it was known as Delta Hope. (That's why I have such an expansice registration date Wink )

I will post more when I think of some, so check back often! You can also ask any question here.

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