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Post by Envy661 on Thu May 12, 2011 3:08 am

This is just a regular interval checkup on the site. I went through the database to make sure everything was fine and there were no bugs. Everything seems to be in order, and the site is running fine. With the new URL, everything will be available via http://furforum.forumotion.com or http://furforum.net. The forumslog.com URL doesn't force you to redirect to the .net URL, so any security info you may have stored doesn't need to be updated (like if you have a password or your username saved) so long as you are going by the original URL. the .net URL however will require you to update that (though it would only take like, 5 seconds to do).

We have about 31 members now, and it's good, however we should more seriously consider expanding beyond the Twokinds forum. Activity is alright, but could be better. Really no one is particularly complaining.

With our first attack behind us, we have our first Mod, Lief, who is anxiously waiting for the chance to try out his abilities, I'm sure. Security is still tight, so it's very unlikely there will be a spam attack that exceeds the last one (which only had a couple of posts per board), which was simple to fix, and we are pretty much protected against overflowing amounts of spam that would involve several posts on every board. I have never met a spammer patient enough to do that, and we have very good time coverage on protection.

Well, that's about all for now. Please, if you have any questions or requests, be sure to make use of the FurForum Info board, there for your convenience.


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