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Post by Gabrielofcreosha on Wed Mar 16, 2011 4:01 pm

I'm going to start a new story, and I'm going to post it here first. I have been building up material so I can avoid breaking the story beyond repair. I will have three chapters done before I post the first as a fall back.

Story: The world hasn't changed much, not really. Global warming turned out to just be a small issue, and when we found bio fuel plants we used those instead of oil. I even got a pattent for a grappling device, of course, I already have to go by my pattent name in certain places, but it's no problem, i'm not all that famous. of course odd things tend to happen around me, like last summer when we went fishing, we returned to camp to find that all of our raw food was gone, and that the trailer had been opened without damage, or when my mom's store was broken into, and all they took was the grilled foods... I swear... theives these days... why would they only want food... they could have just asked.

If this goes a week without me posting some information and I don't have an excuse smack me.

My sanity? MY sanity? why not qeustion YOUR sanity? Because, then you would be sane.
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