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Post by C on Sat Apr 30, 2011 9:25 pm

I'm writing a story about this guy who survives a plane crash in a forest. He has severe injuries that keep making him fall unconscious. Every time he does fall unconscious he wakes up in another location & slightly healed. He starts to realize that he's being followed by something in the woods. The beginning of this story is mostly about him coping with surviving in the middle of a wilderness with limited supplies.

The other protagonist is a creature that lurks in the woods, but we'll get to that bit later. At the moment I've done a small video about it. You may want to view it in full screen because the text is a little small. - 55 seconds long. Mild profanity.

So what do I mean by a comic/story/poem? Well, it's basically going to be a comic with the odd wall of text here & there because it's also written as a book. A lot of the text & storyline is written in a form of poetry. If you can think of a better word for a story that's in comic & poetical form then please tell me.

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